These manuals are intended for volunteers of the TSF, but anyone else is free to take a look as well.

Telegram Support BIOS

A meta-text and mother of all answers.

Answering Questions (TSF-AQ)

Covers important topics ranging from our goals to what you do when the user says 'fuck you!'

Handling Bugs and Troubleshooting (TSF-BT)

Covers investigating, reporting and following up bugs, troubleshooting common issues, reporting tips.

Bug Hunting Algorithm (TSF-BHA)

An in-depth guide to investigating issues.

Feature Philosophy (TSF-FF)

A general text to help you understand our reasoning when contemplating new features.

Leaving and Coming Back (TSF-OFF)

When you realise you're no longer with us.

Bug Herding Explained (TSF-BHDE)

An advanced manual on handling bugs like a pro.

Basic FAQ on End-to-End Encryption (TSF-E2E)

Public docs

Telegram Support Force Manifesto (TSFM)

Contains general info on what we do and how to join us.

Translating Telegram (TTM)

A style guide and manifesto for Telegram translators.